Step 1. Sign up using your mobile phone number and a password. Don't forget the 1.

Step 2. Check your mobile phone text messages and click the link from pdrjc.com to activate your account.

Step 3. Create a campaign or list name that you'll remember.

Step 4. Inform your intended recipients of the list's easy website address.


Step 5. Visit the buy messages page to get enough messages to build your lists and send your text messages!
Pay only 2.5¢ - 5¢ Per message.

Step 6. Compose your Messages and Send press SEND! Check the Sent Messages Page to see when each message was read.

You must sign up via a current list! To learn about special pricing and periodic pdrjc alerts sign up at PDRJC.COM/PDRJC

Make your own list & "Send Text Alerts"

No List Fees
No Keyword Fees!
No Monthly fees!
Only pay per message!